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Laurel 05-14-2009 09:54 PM

Killing yeast, will it help?
I'm planning on having a group of people over in a few weeks with digestive tracts unaccustomed to live yeast. Now we all know the result of such digestive tracts combined with homebrew. If I were to kill the yeast somehow, would the dead yeast wreak the same havoc on my home's atmosphere as live yeast? If no, how do I go about killing the yeast? Campden tablets? If so, how many? Thanks. :mug:

culaslucas 05-14-2009 10:08 PM

Adding Sulfites will kill the yeast - not sure how much though. I know they do that for wine.

What in the world do you mean by "would the dead yeast wreak the same havoc on my home's atmosphere as live yeast?"

Joos 05-14-2009 10:10 PM

calus has never gotten the lethal homebrew farts?

david_42 05-14-2009 10:10 PM

The problem isn't just the yeast. Killing the yeast will help and one crushed campden table per gallon should do the trick. But, unfermentable sugars are broken down by gut bacteria as well.

culaslucas 05-14-2009 10:10 PM

I should mention that Adding Campden will likely not kill all of the yeast.

Pasteurization is probably the way to go....

culaslucas 05-14-2009 10:11 PM


Originally Posted by Joos (Post 1324488)
calus has never gotten the lethal homebrew farts?

Oh - I didn't catch the innuendo.

And no, I haven't noticed this at all!

celestialparsnip 05-14-2009 10:12 PM

I think he's referring to the mating call of the barking spider. Mexican jet propulsion. The one gun salute.

Yeast-induced gaseous discharge from the rectum.

Laurel 05-14-2009 10:49 PM

So just add 5 campden tablets and it should help? I want to avoid affecting the flavor of the beer if at all possible. I don't think that adding sulfites is a good plan for me, I'm sensitive to them and tend to get migraines when I drink certain reds.

culaslucas 05-14-2009 10:51 PM

campden = Sulfites

Laurel 05-14-2009 10:52 PM

Interesting. Well then. I hope that I don't have an adverse reaction. Of course if I do, then HWMBO will be pleased, a whole keg of apfelwein to himself!

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