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scottland 02-21-2012 04:17 PM

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IPAs do not have to be inherently 'cloudy' or hazy. I hate when I see posts like that. Here's a picture of my double IPA with 17oz of hops in a 6 gallon batch. There's even a little condensation on the the glass.

My point is, there's probably another reason your beer is hazy other than the fact it's an IPA. It might be starch haze, suspended proteins that didn't fall out as break, chill haze, yeast in suspension, etc, etc. My money is on starch haze, which are nearly impossible to clear.

But don't let others convince you to shrug your shoulders and say "eh, it's an IPA, it's ok for it to be hazy" If you've ever seen Firestone Walker, Russian River, or Sierra Nevada's IPAs you'd know what I mean, they literally sparkle.

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