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Malticulous 06-24-2009 12:45 AM

I'm so pissed
I so pissed! I spent most of the day brewing my SOB and it's all gone. :(

Earlier today my kids friends were spraying a wasp nest. I told them to leave it alone and turned the watter off. Dang kids are always up to no good, breaking things or digging holes. :mad:

But just a while ago I checked the temp of the five and a half gallons of SOB and it was to 85F. I just came back to check it and it was all over the friking cement and grass. That damn kid had the hose in his hand dragging the chiller to go spray the wasps again. All the wort, the hours of work and all the supplies are lost. I am so pissed! The stuff tasted really good too. :crying: /vent

rarjr 06-24-2009 12:51 AM

time to take the belt out

Revvy 06-24-2009 12:55 AM

OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry buddy......

SavageSteve 06-24-2009 12:58 AM

A moment of silence, please.

Now go beat the tar out of that kid.*


* Note: I am not advocating child abuse... just the fantasy of teaching that kid a lesson!

Roman Brewer 06-24-2009 01:02 AM

Sit him down, get out your most recent finished batch, and make him drink the whole thing!

Really though, sorry to hear that. That got me, man. Right here.

But really, make him do it though.



Irie5447 06-24-2009 01:08 AM

Geez, I do not look forward to this. Almost makes me not want to have any offspring. Although I was a little punk ass kid probably just like him when i was his age. Anyway seems like a very high ferment temp 85 degrees?:cross:

BA_from_GA 06-24-2009 02:00 AM

that freakin sucks! I'm hurting for you...

makes me worried for when i have kids cause God know's i was a walking disaster as a child.

BeerPressure 06-24-2009 03:05 AM

i hate children.

IRmeterman 06-24-2009 03:26 AM

Yeah, I'm gonna try getting a dog first, if I ruin the dog then I'll know that kids aren't for me (don't tell SWMBO). Has anyone's dog ever messed up their brew?

Rick500 06-24-2009 03:29 AM

My dog is, thankfully, afraid of the propane burner, so he spends brew time out in the yard or way on the opposite side of the deck.

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