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c8h12n4o3 04-29-2012 02:37 AM

I'm brewing right now...
It's 1037pm NJ time. First time brewing outdoors with propane...lovin it.

StainlessBrewing 04-29-2012 02:39 AM

What's the weather like up there?

c8h12n4o3 04-29-2012 02:48 AM

Cloudy, a bit chilly tonight, but i'm still in shorts and a tshirt standing next to this fire. It was raining earlier, but stopped. I saw my chance and started running. Gilbert, AZ? I have a old friend from there. I also lived in Tucson for five years before I moved here. Probably would say you have the better weather tonight.

Transamguy77 04-29-2012 02:55 AM

I was thinking of brewing tonight here in Pa, I think I'll pass tonight, enjoy brewing!

c8h12n4o3 04-29-2012 03:04 AM

Also...first brew where I'll be using my IC. Water is still pretty cold, will probably make this my faster brew to date. Just dumped in the hops. This is a NB cream ale kit. Smells good...I'm currently drinking their Innkeeper, which i'd say is one of my favorite kits so far.

BrewScout 04-30-2012 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by fosburges
Well right now I am siting in Lucky Clover bar enjoying beer, vodka and other stuffs with some of my friends. Lucky Clover Bar is a place where people come
for fun and entertainment along with beer and other drinks.

This message brought to you by " Lucky Clover Bar! A place where people come for fun and entertainment!" LOL!! Sounds like a commercial to me.

zeg 04-30-2012 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by BrewScout (Post 4042620)
This message brought to you by [...] LOL!! Sounds like a commercial to me.

Yeah, but I don't think it's a good idea to feed the spammers.

Jayhem 04-30-2012 03:42 PM

Can't wait to get my 80 qt stainless brew pot in this week to start doing AG full boil batches on my deck! :mug:

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