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bfjwoodrow 01-19-2013 03:57 AM

I want to make a beer that tastes like carling in the uk
I live in Australia now and have just started brewing. But I want to make a beer similar to what carling tastes like. I know it's a barley brewed larger but other than that I have little clue what to do... Any suggestions?

Ogri 01-19-2013 12:00 PM

Lagers are a bit intimidating and pretty difficult to get right as a beginner due to a few reasons. You need to pitch exactly the right amount of yeast, keep fermentation temperatures down lower than 15*c and constant, then raise to do a diacetyl rest, for a day or so, after the beer has reached about 80% of expected attenuation. Then cold crash before racking to secondary, etc, etc.

There aren't any big flavorful malts for off flavours to hide behind so you have to get fermentation really well controlled.

If you are dead set on doing a lager the link below will take you to the recipe section and you could look through light lagers and Pilseners to see if anything appeals to you.


You could also look into doing a Kolsch as it's an ale type beer and, I believe, it is close in some ways to a lager so should be a bit easier to manage.:mug:

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