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jcwalsh 03-01-2009 04:40 PM

I am so Happy
After a few years of bottling I purchased a guys entire setup including his cornys & CO2. I did my first keg last month and tapped it last night with a few friends. There were a bunch of firsts for this batch, first time with a banjo burner (past was electric stove which would barely boil), first time with extra large (15gal) kettle so I could boil the entire batch & first time kegging.

This was a Scotch Ale partial grain extract and it was the best tasting batch I have ever done.

I have a line on a used True single kegerator and I think I will have a much harder time trying to lose weight in the future.


qwasert 03-01-2009 05:40 PM

Sounds like a good find, I am excited also. Some day soon I hope to own that kind of equipment. I am using my kitchen Stove for my boil, it does a nice job as it is natural gas and has a 35000 Btu burner on the front left. Gas sure does make a big difference in a boil. I am going to buy a keg for my belgin wit that I brewed yesterday if SWMBO says its ok. Good luck with your weight gaining program, were in the same boat. Check out my recipie post for the belgin wit.


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