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I've brewed steadily for about 4 years on a budget with only the most basic supplies. I was sort of floored to find out that people brewing much less time than me have progressed so much quicker. The people here would laugh at my supplies if I listed them, probably. A few pots and some 6.5 gallon glass carboys that I found in my grandfather's shed after he passed. Cook it up, ferment it, bottle it. That's all, folks.

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Originally Posted by Richard-SSV View Post

In addition to losing interest, I also packed on the pounds from consuming my product.
The best way to avoid that is to limit your intake of food, more beer, less food= good body, mind & spirit

On another note, been brewing (mostly mead) with nothing but a big pot, several fermenters, and hand-scraped and salvages bottles from both my own extensive wine consumption (good stuff, no critter wine here) and the help of friends who like drinking craft beer at parties. I have kegs, but no kegerator, ergo they hold still mead aging (and occasionally tasted) and I mostly bottle everything carbonated out of convenience. Keep it simple, small, and quality! You savor small hand made bottle-conditioned batches so much more.
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I've always considered my brewery fairly basic. It's a far cry from starter kit but I've brewed a lot with it by now. Most everything I've bought is to make better beer, not to make beer making more easy.

I have the kind of metabolism that can keep my weight very constant regardless of my diet or activity. I've always been within 10 lbs of what I was at 16. I wish my wife was the same way. I guess that could change soon--here I am at 42.

Before I started my current job I brewed as much as three times a week. Now I'm lucky to brew once in three months. I hate this job. I've even thought of doing extract or even hopped extract kits because I'm to beat to do anything on my few days off. Maybe I am growing a little tired of brewing but not near as much as working. Then maybe its just time to get some of the bells and whistles that can make for an easier brew day.

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I brewed for a long time on this:

It made perfectly good beer, but the heavy lifting and pouring of hot water got to me. So now I brew on this:

The thing is, the pumps help me so much that I'm absolutely thrilled with it. But if I was younger, and didn't mind the heavy lifting (or brewing outside in the frozen tundra!), I wouldn't have bothered changing up the system.

The beer isn't any better based on the equipment. But it sure is more convenient for me to brew!

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I've been brewing for nearly 9 years and have been doing AG batches for 4 yrs. I operate on a self-imposed budget. I buy a few small upgrades each year, all on sale. My cost per batch is around $22 or so. I could reduce that buy buying grains (I get mine milled for free at my LHBS) and hops in bulk but I prefer not to. I still use gravity, an old 48 qt cooler and my original toilet braid. Good beer need to not be expensive or cheap.

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I'm more obsessed with tweaking my recipes and making them work in five gallon partial mash and BIAB batches. My equipment (and basically the same setup i've been using since 1991):

Kitchen stove
A stainless steel brew pot (five gallon)
Two plastic fermentation pails with air locks & gaskets
A bottling bucket
One scratch n dent deep freezer with an external mercury temp controller (aka Lagerland)
An all metal meat thermometer with a 24" probe
One big assed metal spoon
A cheap floating hydrometer
Some BIAB paint strainer bags from Lowes
The odd muslin bag for adjunct grains and such
An ass load of bottles for sharing, competitions and such
A tap-a-draft for my fridge (home drankin')

I do use Irish Moss and Fermcap on just about every batch. Fermcap is very good at preventing krausen blow offs during fermentation and eliminates my needs for a blow off tube.

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Originally Posted by BBL_Brewer View Post
That depends entirely on you.
Yup. All depends on what you want to do! I brew hard and heavy through the fall and winter, and not at all through the spring and summer. I even consider selling all my equipment, every season. hehehe.

I never do though. I have been brewing 'off and on' for 12 years. Pretty much the same equipment. I don't have a kegerator. Although, I do have an extra fridge! Why? For something... eventually...

You have to find a balance in it! I wouldn't stress about it too much. Just keep some basic brew equipment on hand for when you get the urge.
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I also HATE that attitude that I NEED TO BE MONITORED. Don't Tread on Me MF.
Originally Posted by Bigeb View Post
It's my God-given right to be as stupid as I want to be. How dare the government get in the way.
Go Beer!
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Been brewing 13yrs, ten of which consists of a 48qt square cooler w/copper manifold. I have one keggle, a 10 gallon and a 7.5 gallon pot. I have a sabco fermentor I traded for and have never used, a brutus ten stand that just sits in my shop. I also still use my son of fermentation chamber that cost me $35 to build

I make very good beer on my old 10 year old system and just can't make the leap to anything else. I'm just really comfortable with and know my old system so well I don't want to change.

Basic brewing equipment works just fine if you know what your doing with it.


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