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robm184 12-26-2012 12:26 AM

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Originally Posted by Amcgough View Post
So from January to August 3rd of this year I was in japan on a similar assignment and I met a German home brewer. He and I obviously drank quite a bit and spoke at length of home brewing in our respective countries. According to him, Brewing in not illegal in Germany, however you have to register with the city hall of the town you will be living in and they will want to collect taxes based on how much you brew. But, that being said, his take was that there is little to no "scene" for home brewing and it is quite difficult to get supplies without mail order. The other thing he stressed was that there is no such thing as a german IPA as there is not commercial example that her knew of being brewed. So if you are looking for something other that a traditional german style it commercially it might be difficult.

Actually I think the German post system is probably the best in the entire world, It might just be the HBS I order from but I never received anything later than two days, from order date, and no more than about 10 euros for delivery. Got everything in the picture delivered for 10,05 and hops I put in my freezer. Also they sell American hops. The distance is about an hour North of Munich but you would have to travel if you are not comfortable with the German post system but very difficult to get anything other than Belgian, Pilsner or German traditional but not necessarily a bad thing

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