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Gustavo 10-29-2011 05:09 AM

Home brewing blues.
Well as most new home brewers know it takes a lot of money to start an. AG home brew setup. As a NEWB you spend most of your income on equipment and now I'm to broke to brew, lol. Kind of ironic.

Corey_James 10-29-2011 05:33 AM

Do you at least have enough $$ for grains???? I know the feeling. It took me almost 2 years to get all the equipment together for all-grain.

benbradford 10-29-2011 05:35 AM

I have the setup, and it is hard sometimes to justify the expense of $40-$60 for a batch of ingredients to make more beer that I can't even enjoy for the next 30 days...

Airborneguy 10-29-2011 06:05 AM

If it costs you that much in ingredients to make an AG beer, you're either doing something wrong or using too many hops.

Gwitz 10-29-2011 06:06 AM

I tend to drop $100 or so on bulk grain and hops at a time :S

benbradford 10-29-2011 06:39 AM

How big of a batch?

I can brew 2 gallons for 10 bucks or 12 gallons for between $30 and $90:)

Airborneguy 10-29-2011 07:04 AM

12 gallons for $30 wouldn't be bad actually. My 6 gallon batches probably cost me around $12-13.

benbradford 10-29-2011 07:11 AM

6 gallons for 12.50 is super cheap! I buy hops from hops direct, and wash yeast, but how do you get that low?

I think the cheapest i mentioned is a wit beer that is a low cost one for me for sure.

Airborneguy 10-29-2011 07:34 AM

I buy everything in bulk and re-use yeast. Most of my grain comes from bulk buys. My base malts cost me less than $1 a pound.

I also get a lot of fresh hops from a friend who grows way too much for himself. I'm not a hop-head, which keeps costs down compared to what many people are used to. My recipes rarely use over 2oz of hops total.

Gwitz 10-29-2011 09:34 AM

I get 55lb sacks of grain for 25 bucks, its gone up, used to be 22. So if i did a simple beer, it would be like 12 bucks for 10 gallons.

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