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SouthBay 09-08-2012 02:34 AM

Help Saving a Pale Ale
Im in a weird spot with a beer I kegged last weekend.

I'd thoroughly cleaned the keg, but didnt go so far as to take it apart. I force carbed and served, and low and behold, the beer had coffee grounds in it!

See, i'd used the keg immediately prior to serve a coffee stout, and apparently ended up with coffee grounds in the outlet valve pop-it. I took it apart, cleaned it, and all is well... except the flavor.

Apparently, the coffee grounds imparted some flavor into my otherwise mild pale ale. and i dont like it.

I'm debating on what to do about it. I'm thinking about tossing some Chinook into the keg and dryhopping for a week, with the hopes the chinook will overpower the coffee, and i'll end up with something i consider drinkable. I could also make a hop tea with the Chinook, then add that. Or i could do both.

Anyone experienced this before? Any advice?

iambeer 09-08-2012 03:03 AM

I have absolutely no experience that would be helpful to you. Well, except my experiences with making soup. Soup mellows as does beer. So you have a slight taste of your coffee stout in a european beer. IMHO just let it meld. Adding things to hide the taste is just going to create something imbalanced.

SouthBay 09-08-2012 03:14 AM

true, but i'm ok with unbalanced in a hoppy way.

SouthBay 09-08-2012 09:07 PM

updated: chinook does a durn good job of masking off flavors when added as a 'hop tea' and dryhopping.

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