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ronjer 02-22-2009 03:47 PM

Hello! First brew of the season yesterday!!

I just wanted to say hello to y'all...I has been since november since I've brewed and have lurked a couple of times since. But now it is Brewin' season for me. 9 1/2 months of brewing pleasure. Although I think that over the summer, I will finish my Brewshed and be able to brew all year:rockin:

So this is funny: I brew really carefully the whole session making sure everything is okay, and I'm also showing my Nephew how to brew also...we did a PM 'cause it is still a bit early for an AG and needed to crack the seal, etc.... the late extract addition of the bulk of the malt is completely forgotten and I'm cooling it down for pitching:eek:

Fortunately I had only cooled to 145F and I was able to get it back to a boil, add the extract, and resume the cooling and pitching. Hopefully didn't ruin anything, but I think that 145 is still safe???

Hope it goes well...will be watching the airlock today. Anyway, Glad to be back in the swing again, and I'll be sharing more foibles and any pearls of wisdom and hopefully pics of the brewshed in the near future.


Bob 02-22-2009 03:50 PM

You shouldn't suffer any ill effects from your goof. If you had just dissolved the extract, well, that might have had an effect, but you went back to the boil for a few moments, and that's all you really needed to do.

Welcome back! :mug:


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