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Jbird 03-09-2013 09:14 PM

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Originally Posted by Demus

Assuming a clean glass with no "jet dry", there are many variables that effect head retention.

-Recipe. All extract generally doesn't hold a head as well as all grain. Extract with some steeped crystal malt will do better, but still not as well as all grain. If all grain, many types of grain can be added to help with head retention.

-Conditioning time. Many homebrewers are in a hurry to drink their efforts. Extra time in the bottle or keg improves head retention beyond just carbonation.

-Yeast strain. Different strains leave behind different levels of non-fermentables which effect the head.

-Water profile. Mineral content and pH of your brewing water can influence the head as well. If your water is suitable for mashing, you should be ok.

Without seeing your problem recipes and more details such as fermentation timeline and temperature, it's really impossible to fully answer your question. Hope this helps...

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You know this was done with by using an extract kit. It was an Octoberfest. Pretty bad ass right? And you say this cant happen.

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