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lou2row 09-04-2012 04:09 PM

Great brew weekend
Bottled a honey basil ale. Had my wife taste the hydrometer sample. Luckily I took the first drink cause I didn't get it back until it was empty. Glad she liked it, it was made for her. But I may have to sneak a few myself they tasted so good.

Brewed my smokey punkin ale Sunday. Smoked a couple butternut squash, then added them to the mash. Wanted a brew with some pie spice, but more smokey pumpkin flavor. Before it went to fermentor, it tasted awesome. Looking forward to how this comes out. First time making a pumpkin beer.

My 2 hearted clone has been bottle conditioning for three weeks, so decided to give one of them a whirl. I didn't dry hop, but still had a nice scent with outstanding flavors coming out on first sip. This is a little more hop flavored than the original, but I have no way of knowing how fresh the Bell's was that I tried. I am about the only person that drinks IPAs, but the way this tastes, I'm okay with five gallons to myself.

I had been on such a roll going in to last night, I decided to get out one of the wheat yeast experiment beers I made and try it. It had only conditioned for two weeks, and was in the fridge for two days, so didn't expect a lot. This was one with Flying Dog's Hefe yeast, and I was impressed with how smooth it was. Some spice and fruit from the orange peel and coriander, and just light wheat notes. The other three yeasts have their work cut out for them to match how I enjoyed this one. Only regret is I waited so long to get this done; it would be more session style for summer drinking.

I had 2 to 4 beers each night, and didn't drink the same beer twice. All were very good, with the only problem a bit of a gusher from the pecan porter. I think I'm getting the hang of this.....:rockin:

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