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Samissosa 01-10-2013 04:48 AM

Great Beer Bus Trip - Need recommendations!
Hi guys, I'm a long time lurker of HBT. I'm a full-grains brewer of Montreal, Qc since almost 3 years and I found lots of good informations in here.

I know I'm last minute but i'd like some advices on where to find good and great beers on my trip. I'm looking for either brewery, bar and beer store, those one that you absolutly need to go.

My Trip : January 10th to 12th 2013
Thursday 11h45 pm : Leave Montreal by bus (greyhound)
Friday 10h00ish am : Arrive Philadelphia Greyhound terminal.
(Rocky steps*Take some street food*INSERT GOOD BEER PLACE*)
Friday 1h00 pm : Leave Philadelphia to Washington DC

So in Philadelphia, at that time and that area (near greyhound terminal), is there a "dont miss it!" place?

Friday 5h00 pm : Arrive Washington DC
(*Eat great food - See few things that you should see when you go in Washington DC - Then GREAT BEER PLACE again!*) Where to go? Which one is the best? In that given time.
Saturday 2h00 am (early morning) : Leave Washington DC to New York

Saturday 7h00 am : Arrive New York
Same schedule as in Washington, so basically FOOD---Visit a bit--- then the most important, Good BEER!
I leave New York at midnight the same day to head back to Montreal.

Im a fan of pretty much any kind of beer but my favorite are IPA (and everyhting with a lot of Hops), and anything special or special brew, or rare stuff.

Ill be consulting ratebeer.com a lot but if I got any answers in here, ill prefer to follow your advices!

Thank you in advance for the heads up if any!

Ill report back after!


hoppyhoppyhippo 01-10-2013 04:55 AM

I'm not sure where the Greyhound lets out in philly as far as a terminal goes. There's one near Market Street which I would guess is the terminal but I'm not 100% sure that's the one you'd be at, if you had an address I could help you more but the one near Market there's an about a 20 minute walk to one of my favorite little gastro pubs in Philly, Good Dog.

Dave37 01-10-2013 04:59 AM

Hey man hope you enjoy your trip to the states. I'm from NYC and if you are looking for a place to drink a ton of different beers from around the world I'd recommend Peculiar pub. It's not a place where there is a party going on all the time and it is kind of away from mainstream manhattan but with over 350 different beers from countries all over I'm sure there are plenty of great beers for you to try for the first time.


Check it out. Just a suggestion. There are thousands, literally thousands of bars on the island of manhattan. Not all of them sell good craft stuff but it would be hard for you to walk 10 minutes without finding a bar where you could catch a nice buzz drink a pint of a nice craft brew and get a little of the new York atmosphere. Anyway good luck and fill us in with pics about how you enjoyed the trip. Good luck and have fun.

Samissosa 01-10-2013 06:58 AM

Thanks for the "late evening" comments.

For the adress, philadelphia: 1001 Filbert street, philadelphia, near the Vine St.

Washington: 1005, 1st street Northeast, Massachusetts, near North Capitol St.

New York: 625, 8th avenue, New York, near New York Times building and Times Square.

We dont have much time in philly, but id like to drink at least 1 or 2 good beer in a good place. Ill be near the "Rocky Steps" and greyhound buses.
EDIT: Thx hoppyhoppyhippo, Good Dog Bar is straight on my way, in the right time and looks like they have good beer selection too ! Awesome

Washington, still dont know what to do on friday till 2 in the morning. Any thoughts ?

New York, ive checked a bit and i think ill be visiting Brooklyn Brewery. Does it worth it or somewhere else is better ? Ill definetly try the Peculier Pub, looks like the place I like to be despite the "too many beers to choose from" menu.

Thx again !

Ill try to update and post few cellphone pictures. Ill be on trip with 2 other friends btw.

hoppyhoppyhippo 01-10-2013 02:53 PM

Well then yeah I'd recommend Good Dog. It's really small but have multiple levels so if the bar is full you can go upstairs and grab a table, and if you have time to get a bite their burger is delicious as well.

Xpertskir 01-10-2013 03:28 PM

One of the best beers bars I have ever been to is the blind tiger in NYC. You really need to make this a priority stop.

markm2151 01-10-2013 05:31 PM

Churchkey/Birch and Barely in DC. One of the best, if not the best, beer bar in the city. You'll need to take the metro (subway), or a cab to get there though. Located in the NW.


1337 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20005

Samissosa 01-18-2013 07:19 PM

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First, i'd like to thank everyone that posted suggestions in here, very helpful, especially 24 hours before we were leaving.

We did Good Dog Bar in Phialdelphia and we really enjoyed this place. We delayed our departure for Washington also to taste more bottles at Good Dog.

In Washington we went at Ben's Chili restaurant which was pretty decent and crowded. Then there's a nice beer store on U street between 13th and 14th with good selection of beers that we went. Then headed to ChurchKey
I have to say a special thanks to markm2151 for this place! That was awesome. We got there, outside the bar, waiting in line. Then we entered, climbed up the stairs and that was SO crowded! I was like meh... theres no place, and with our backpacks... but we gave it a try, we walked all the way to the back and then surprise...! an empty table, lots of place for the 3 of us! I thought we would have to buy a champagne bottle to stay there but nop, the waiter came with 3 glass of water and beer menus! Beer selections is insane, extraordinary quality and a cheap bill. We all enjoyed this place. We took many 4oz to try as much as we could. We left at 1 A.M., our bus for New York was leaving at 2 a.m. BTW, we forgot to visit the White House and all the other things that you should see when you go to Washington DC... funny...

7h a.m., New York City. Visited a bit, shopped a bit. We went at 2 differents beer store, 1 was really bad, no selection, 2 guys that doesnt know much about beer (or dont give a f***)... not that good price. Growler station in greenwich Village.
The other one was fabulous. New Beer Distributors, 167 Chrystie St. They had a large selection of beer, at a reasonable price with knowledgable staff. They even have lots of specials beers from Quebec, Canada, where we come from. Bought many bottles at this place.

We ended the afternoon at the Blind Tiger Pub. Really nice place as well. I tasted Ballast Point - Victory at sea, Imperial porter which became one of my favorite! Onctuous, chocolate, coffee, malty, bready. Took lots of other good beer too, very impressive.

That was a short fast trip, I really enjoyed the places you told me to go. Ill come back for sure, I didnt had the time to try everything! Missed Peculier Pub, Iron monkey, and others.

Thanks again! Here's few pictures of the trip. I'm the guy with the "VEGA" t-shirt and headphones around the neck and others are friends.


Samissosa 01-18-2013 07:26 PM

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Few More Pictures

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