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Bierliebhaber 02-14-2013 06:33 PM

Funny/Over-Reactions you've had about beer
I'll start: My wife and I have a ongoing half-joke-half-serious argument over pouring beer from a bottle...ESPECIALLY homebrew bottles. From time to time, we will share a bomber and she will basically turn the bottle upside down having no concern for the sediment or proper head formation. It's happened enough times that she knows how I feel about a good poor and leaving the sediment behind. I usually pour both glasses without returning the bottle upright.

For some that could be the end of the story, but no. There are a couple homebrewers that work with my wife and we bring some of our brew to the annual Christmas party. This last time I brought a bottle of my 2yr old RIS and was very careful not to agitate the bottle on the way to the party. This was perhaps the finest RIS I'd brewed or tasted. I was thoroughly enjoying my small portion and discussing the beers various nuances with the others at my table. I had been careful to gently handle and poor each sample. Just then my wife reaches across the table and nearly slaps the bottle, as she jerked the bottle and tossed it bottom up to pour her self a taste (perhaps a little overdramatized). I nearly leapt across the table to try and stop her. Not to mention the care I'd taken to preserve the bottle, she had never tasted a RIS that had not caused involuntary facial convulsions...much like those that ensued. Normally a reserved person, I quickly blushed until I had more chunky RIS.

Let's hear your confessions of funny responses or overreactions about beer.

HerbieHowells 02-14-2013 08:01 PM

I have in the past admitted to suffering from bottle bomb hyper anxiety disorder. This is where you lose sleep the first night after bottling, even though you measured out your sugar perfectly and your hydrometer has been steady for two weeks, because in your head every little sound (dog / SWMBO snoring, heater turning on or off, wind, etc.) turns into a bottle bomb going off in the closet. I'd call that an overreaction about beer.

unionrdr 02-14-2013 09:42 PM

Last night,I had a bottle that'd only been in the fridge since last saturday. Damn,hardly any carbonation. Oh well,at least the color was light like I wanted. While dinner was in the oven,we were watchin a movie upstairs,& I could swear I smelled fermenting wort. I though oh sh**,I better have the boys check the fermenter. Wife insisted she only smelled inner baking. She was right. Wheeeeww!

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