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RichBrewer 04-19-2006 02:13 AM

Frustration sets in!
Two brews in a row two brews at 1.020. The first one, IHA was made with WLP028. The second an ESB was fermented with WLP002. These are the first two brews I've used White Labs yeast and I'm wondering if this is the problem.
As described in a previous post, I put a couple drops of the WLP002 in the hydrometer flask. It fermented out to 1.015 in about 4 days so I know the fermentables are there. The ESB has been in the primary for 8 days at 68 degrees and today when racked to secondary I got 1.020. I'm hoping it is still fermenting but the beer is so clear there can't be much yeast left in it. The other problem I've got is the secondary is in the basement which is only 62 degrees. Will 002 still ferment at this temperature? Maybe I need to make larger starters for these brews.

Do I need to RDWHAHB or is there something I should be doing?

MrSaLTy 04-19-2006 03:28 AM

WPL002 is classified as very highly flocculant according to the white labs site. Also the Optimum Ferm. Temp is 65-68. I think its a good bet that the yeast is just flocculenting (is that a word?) out. At the very least you may want to stir up the yeast to try to see if you can get it going again. You may want to get it into warmer temps too. If you racked and there is no yeast left in it you may be hosed though.... if you want it to go lower you may have to pitch more yeast to get it lower.

Dude 04-19-2006 04:46 AM

Might want to check your mash temps? Are you mashing too high? Is your thermometer off?

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