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nanofreak 10-27-2012 10:36 AM

First BIG beer
So I brewed an all grain Wee Heavy. It came in at 1.104. Well honestly it isn't ALL grain. I thought my OG was going to be off, so I added in 1 pound of light DME, so I ended up over of where I wanted to be. This is a 3 gallon batch, and it goes a little something like this.

8# Crisp Pale Male
1.5# Marris Otter
.5# Vienna
5oz Cara 20L
5oz Cara 80L
3oz Cara 120L
2oz Roasted Barley

And of course the 1lb DME
1oz EKG 60Min
.25oz Fuggle 60Min

Safbrew S33 Yeast

I wanted to use all crisp, but they only had that amount left so I topped off the rest of what I needed with the Marris Otter. I also took about 3/4 of a gallon and got a hell of a boil going on a seperate burner to reduce it down about half and get some carmelization going. I hope that will add a nice flavor.

I have my chest freezer set to 57 degrees. I was wondering from anyone elses experience about how long this will take to ferment out? I am going to leave it on the yeast for a month or so, and I know it will be done by then, I am just kind of wondering what to expect.

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