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Big_Cat 11-11-2012 12:33 PM

First attemp at yeast harvesting /washing
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Ok to yesterday I transferred my brew to the secondary and decided to try to harvest the yest to reuse it next week so i boiled a gallon of water,sterilized everything that came or may come in contact with my project and after cooling the water i added it to my carboy. I swirled it and poured the concoction into a one gallon jug and covered it with a sanitized plastic held by rubberbands (I wasn't to sure if putting a cap wold wake me up to a bottle bomb lol yes i am afraid of those messes lol) I left it on my counter over night and woke up to this

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Now to the questions ; i think I'm suppose to pour it into another container and try to save the lightest of the settlements and discard the water on top and settlements below but my concern is for how long can i have this on my counter without harming the yeast and after I'm able to harvest the yeast for how long could i keep it in my refrigerator before it goes bad?

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