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makomachine 08-16-2012 02:19 PM

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Originally Posted by Gameface
I believe you guys when you say beer will clear on its own. However, without using finings my beer seems to only get so clear. I've had beer cold for several months and it is still a little murky. Not chill haze. I filter the beer and I can read a newspaper through a pint glass. So I sort of wonder, when you say beer clears naturally, how clear is "clear"? I think our standard of what that means may be different.

One of my regular beers is a kristalweizen. That is a style that is typically filtered. I ferment that beer for 10 days, cold crash for at least 2 days. At that point the beer is pretty damn clear. Then I filter it and it is brilliantly clear and is a huge crowd pleaser for me at my monthly poker game and other events. People absolutely notice that it looks like a BMC in color and clarity. I think that allows them to really taste it without preconceived notions about homebrew. I am personally convinced that it makes a huge difference in the way the beer is received by the non-initiated homebrew drinker.

Not sure why people are hating on filtering. It is one tool in some brewer's toolboxes and one that does the job it is supposed to do. There are other tools a brewer can use to get to the same place, but as with many things there is a trade off.
I'm not hating on filtering - as I haven't sold mine and may someday need to pull it out of that "toolbox". I'm just saying kettle finings, a good hot and cold break, and worst case gelatin in the keg have got me brilliantly clear beer without the extra transfer. Completely agree that it's just another tool, just stating that poo pooing finings and touting filter superiority doesn't make sense to me personally.

No filter touched this beer as example - only way to be more brilliant is to take the beer out.

That's the Stone etched logo on the other side of the glass - along with my fingerprint.

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