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Brewsmith 04-20-2006 07:50 AM

Explain That Name
There are some interesting names floating around here for people's homebrew. Anyone care to explain how or why they named their beer whatever the intersting or wacky name it got? Here's a few of mine:

6/4 Stout - Has to do with musical instruments. 4/4 or "four quarter" is a full size instrument. One of the instruments I play is the tuba. A few manufacturers make very large instruments in the 5/4 and 6/4 sizes. I figured 6/4 seemed good for a stout. I think I may religate this name to my imperial stouts from now on.

Carly Jo Pale Ale - My brothers first daughter, and my first niece. She was born a few months ago and I named a brew after her, in lieu of cigars.

Belgian Tire - Fat Tire clone, but with belgian yeast

L.A. Uncommon - CA Common style and I'm a resident of Los Angeles. You get the rest.

Old Helicon Barleywine - More tuba lingo. The helicon was the precursor to the sousaphone, or marching style tuba, and was in use a hundred years ago. Since many barleywines have "Old" and something to fit that description in their name, I thought it was appropriate.

homebrewer_99 04-20-2006 11:00 AM

I know it sounds oxymoronic, but I have a Hefe Weizen that I called "Corn Dog Weizen" because I was eating one at the time...:D

Oxymoronic because of the corn and wheat. I know, not a true oxymoronic.

When I was in college I was asked what my ideology was and I said that I am a liberally-conservative-radical.:rockin: That's 3 opposites so is that an oxymoron also? I don't know.:drunk:

RichBrewer 04-20-2006 02:31 PM

Paul's Picnic Table Porter is a beer I originally brewed to honor the retirement of the guy who introduced me to home brewing.

Windy Winter Brown was brewed outside on a very windy day in January.

Other than that I can't seem to come up with good names for my brews.

Kaiser 04-20-2006 02:40 PM

Hefe Weiβbier - German spelling for Hefe Weissbier (aka Hefe Weizen)

"Alles Neu Macht Der Mai" - This is a German phrase that translates to "The May makes everything new", don't worry if this doesn't sound right to you. phrases or sayings don't translate very well ;)

Chubby Angel (American Pale Ale) - Not a Magic Hat Fat Angel clone as one may suspect. I just liked this name and will keep it for my standard American Pale Ale interpretation

Imperator- Doppelbock - I needed to find something with "ator" at the end. I thought the Imperator will be a good Match for the Kaiser.


HomerT 04-20-2006 02:56 PM

Well, first of is my "Brewery" name....

The Angry Chihuahua Brewing Co. : Named after one of our dogs, a 6# chihuahua that thinks he is a 100# German Shepard.

Now the beers.....

Crazy Uncle Crimson Ale : My first Irish Red..brewed for my uncle's 70th B-day

Fat & Tired Ale : Fat Tire Clone

Winter Warmer: Self Explainatory

Krueger Clan Kolschbier : Kolsch named after wifes maiden name...my drinkin buddies ;)

Daddy's Little One Lager : Oktoberfest Lager brewed from my daughter's birth


Baron von BeeGee 04-20-2006 03:07 PM

I don't have any snappy names as I'm still fiddling with recipes, but I loosely refer to my garage as Terrible Creek Brewery. The street we live on is Terri Creek Drive, and while we were investigating the purchase I noticed that Terrible Creek runs behind the backyard and that the street namers probably didn't want to call it Terrible Creek Drive. Now, how it got that name in the first place (it's basically a flat, barely moving, tiny creek) I'll probably never know.

Kaiser 04-20-2006 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by Baron von BeeGee
Now, how it got that name in the first place (it's basically a flat, barely moving, tiny creek) I'll probably never know.

It's probaply a terible place to be in the summer when all those mosquitos hatch from that muddy water ;)


Brewpastor 04-20-2006 04:15 PM

I have a series of labels that I call my Americana Series. They each feature a classic black and white photo related to the name. The names include:

Indigenous Pale Ale is an IPA and my thumb at PC phrases and features a Sioux Chief on horseback in full war dress

Czecher CAB is my classic american pilsner (Classic American Beer) with Saaz hops. Yellow CAB is my non-Saaz version. The photo is a 1966 Marathon Cab

Pullman Porter is my memorial to Robert Jackson, and old friend from Chicago who was a Pullman porter with the railroad. The photo is a Pullman Porter with his name badge showing

NASA Cream is my North American Sparkling Ale (NASA) and features an early NASA photo

Elvis Died Stout was first brewed on the King's death anniversary and features a "Thin" Elvis

The Great Emancipator is a Bock was first brewed on April 15th, the anniversary of Lincoln's assassination and features his picture

Duck and Cover Barley Wine features children under their desks

Rye Bitter is a rye beer with an image of the Dust Bowl and the phrase "because sometimes life just sucks"

Uncommon Common is a Bastard lager that has Jimmy and Billy Carter sitting in Lazy-boys eating ribs

dancingbarefoot 04-21-2006 12:38 AM

So far, I've only brewed one batch because of my tight budget and inability to drink it quickly. It's called Sif Stout, after the Nordic goddess of grain, Sif (Thor's wife, incidentally, and she had golden hair flowing past her knees, just like me, so I thought it appropos).

An upcoming batch is set to be called Rotating Hedgehog, because of a joke that started in one of my classes this year. Most of the people who drink my beer are people in my department, so they'll get the joke. Just gotta find a decent pic for the label!

I'm tempted to make an IPA, even though I hate IPAs, as another linguistics joke. We language geeks use the Int'l. Phonetic Alphabet all the time, so it'd be an IPA IPA. :D

RichBrewer 04-21-2006 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by dancingbarefoot
I'm tempted to make an IPA, even though I hate IPAs, as another linguistics joke. We language geeks use the Int'l. Phonetic Alphabet all the time, so it'd be an IPA IPA. :D

India Alpha Papa IPA?

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