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riverfrontbrewer 02-22-2010 02:27 PM

East Coast beers
Hey all-

I have a buddy in NJ that's getting ready to ship me some stuff and was going to have him put a few beers in there as well. Are there any east coast beers that he should be able to get in NJ, but have limited distribution out this way? Looking for stouts/IPA's/interesting unusal stuff, but am open to any input. Thanks for the help.

gtpro 02-22-2010 02:34 PM

not sure about how far out these are distributed but here goes

Dogfish Head 60min IPA
Harpoon IPA
Woodstock Inn Pigs Ear Brown
Long Trail ale or pale ale
Smuttynose Big IPA (never had it but I've heard its good)
Brooklyn brewery black chocolate stout
Ommegang for some Belgian styles

beerjunky828 02-22-2010 03:02 PM

Yeah attempt to get your hands on some Smuttynose. They make some really fine beers. There IIPA is excellent. And I am sure you can get your hands on some DFH but I would see if he could pick you up some of their rarities.

Edcculus 02-22-2010 03:12 PM

Bells and Great Lakes if he can get them in NJ. Bells Hopslam is a great IIPA. Their Two Hearted Ale is one of my favorite IPAs too.

waldoar15 02-22-2010 05:51 PM

I'll second DFH. Great Lakes and Thirsty Dog if he can find them.

JetSmooth 02-22-2010 05:59 PM

Natty Boh from Baltimore. . . Just to take up space. Sorta like packing peanuts.

dcp27 02-22-2010 06:19 PM

anything from allagash and troegs nugget nectar before it runs out

Beerrific 02-22-2010 06:25 PM

If you can't get Allagash, ask for that.

Odnetni 02-22-2010 07:07 PM

I'm a big fan of River Horse, out of New Jersey. They had just started selling their Chocolate Oatmeal Stout out of the brewery when I was there a month or two ago, should be more widely available now. Their Hop Hazard and lager are pretty tasty as well.

boyurboy 02-22-2010 07:30 PM

The Heavy Seas beers from Clipper City brewing in Baltimore...some good beers there. I like their Loose Cannon IPA.

Edit: And anything from Great Lakes Brewing Company, Thirsty Dog or Hoppin' Frog in Ohio are pretty darn good, too.

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