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I enjoy IPA's, but not for quaffing. That's reserved for my Haus Pale & Kolsch.

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IPA's are my favorite.

Some like Belgians as their favorite.

I hate Belgians.

See how this works?

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This is HBT of course. Normal Thread that goes every direction but the one intended. This forum should be scientific proof the beer causes ADD
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I enjoy every style of beer that's well made. No matter the style you can find good and bad commercial examples. Even with a beer that focuses heavily on hops, there still needs to be balance in my book. I'm a huge fan of hop flavor, but not a huge fan of hop bitterness. That bitterness needs to have some malt balance. I'll use this as an opportunity to profess my love for Two-Hearted Ale as I've done time and again. It's not only my favorite IPA, but one of my favorite beers in general. Loves me some Centennials.

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I think it depends on the IPA as well. Some IPA's lean towards bitternesss. and others more flavor and aroma. I true good IPA has a balance of both. In your example of Yoopers DFH IPA. I think this has much more flavor and aroma than bitterness. So if this is your example it sounds like you don't like a big hop flavor or aroma? I personally freaking love IPA's or any beer that has a very complex hop flavor and aroma. I do love bocks and stouts. But If I ahd a choice. it's APA or IPA for me. The great thing about IPA's is how complex they can be simply from the hops? I also like how it gives beer such a diversity in flavors becasue they can be fuity..piny..woodsy..ect. Lots of flavors.

Also: I like the recent news about Hops for your heart..RED WINE has nothing on IPA's!!!!!



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Hoppy beer has been a journey for me which by no means is over yet.

When I was young I preferred the sweet bland taste of mainstream Canadian beers and when someone handed me a hoppy beer I would return it to them saying it was skunky and not fit to drink.

As time went by I finally realized what that skunky taste was and pursued it fervently.

Now hoppy beers are like a drug...I am always looking for my next fix.

I think a beers hoppiness is purely a matter of taste...some people pursue it and some people don't. Who knows, maybe one day I will get tired of pursuing hoppy beers and pursue malty ones?

Ahhh....the journey of beer is wonderful isn't it?

Just my 2 cents.


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I like IPA's, but I tend to drink less hoppy styles more often. My there is a hop head. She'd be happy drinking DFH90 every day.

I think IPA is the BMC of the craftbrew crowd. If it smells like grapefruit and the bitterness could choke a cow, it must be good, right?


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For the love of beer!
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I don't like Cascade IPA's
I love British Style IPA's
The last one I did made my mouth tingle. I loved it.

Have a beer on me.
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IPA's are my favorite style, but I agree that some of the DIPA's are a little much. I like a good balance.

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Kevin Dean
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I don't like hops as a taste but I do appreciate IPAs as beers. It's kind of odd. It's like a very ugly painting with Master-level execution. I appreciate it because it's gone well (great aroma, strong flavor, nice hop compliments, easy to drink, et cetera) but I'd not sit down and down them back to back.

I like IPA's a LOT more with food, it should be noted.

I dislike, however, beers designed from the ground up to be hoppy. Troeg's Nugget Nectar, for instance, was purely disgusting to me.

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I absolutely love IPA's but it took me some time to warm up to them. I don't think anybody likes them at first, considering that we were all brought up on BMC.
I like my IPA to be dry and not too sweet. DFH 90 is an example of a beer that seems too sweet to me. I prefer a dry-hopped citrusy flavor like MBC's High Seas or Mad Hatter or the Centennial. Which seems to be crisper and not at all cloying.
I can't get enough IPA in the summer-time, but come cold Michigan winters and I am all about the stouts and porters.

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