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befus 02-04-2013 03:57 PM

1st time Conical Use: Drop Yeast or Not
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I finally decided to use my 6.5 gallon conical I got many years back (long story). It is set up and seems to be quite nifty, but as I understand it one of the main advantages is to be able to 'dump yeast' out of the cone when the major part of active fermentation is over. I've got a version of EdWort's Haus Ale in there and on day four the Notty has pretty much dropped out and I can see it in the cone. Now my question is if I decide to drop this yeast cake out how do I vent the thing so I don't pull air lock liquid back in? Take the air lock off for a minute, vent the cap, or? Secondly does this lead to a risk of infection up through the now beer covered ball valve? Or would I be better off just waiting to drop the yeast right before I keg in a week or 10 days? TIA.

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