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beesy 05-27-2010 08:19 PM

Competition Category - time for a vote
So I have an IPA that was OG 1.064 and IBU of 87'sh with a 2 ounce dry hop. Want to enter in a local competition for the fun of it. Is it worse to put it in 14B American IPA and take the hit on IBUS or is it worse to put it in 14C Imperial IPA and take the hit on OG?

bartyen82 05-27-2010 08:24 PM

How about submitting it in both? Or is that not cool?

remilard 05-27-2010 08:34 PM

In most but not all competitions both would be allowed.

Judging is regional on this style and I don't know where the competition is but here is some advice.

For 14C the hop aroma needs to be really really really big. If you have had fresh Pliny or Maharaja etc you know what I am talking about. If the aroma isn't huge you won't do well here. If you live in the West Coast this advice is iron clad. On the East Coast they will be more tolerant.

Other than that you'll have to taste it. The judges don't see the recipe or stats so the question is does it seem too bitter for 14B? Does it seem to small for 14C? If you have to pick one category assume the judges will be fault finders (many are) and put it in the category where it is going to be harder for them to say it is out of style. The only way to make that call is to look at the guidelines and taste it. Enter both categories if you can.

mezak1gd 05-27-2010 08:36 PM

Is the extra bitterness noticeable? Im no comp expert but if not the judges won't know the IBU's, so 14B might be better. I guess just whatever it tastes more like.

beesy 05-27-2010 08:48 PM

it's in ohio, so they could compare it to a hopslam. I just took it off an ounce each of chinook and centennial, so it's got a nice aroma. I think the IBU are high enough it would easily stand out in the 14b. I do like the idea of entering it in both though. It would be interesting to see comments to each category. problem solved :mug:

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