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randyisrad 02-13-2010 04:08 PM

Comedy of Errors last night
I had a couple things go "wrong" on brew night last night. I was making a Bear Republic Racer X clone.
In order:
1. I poured my strike water in my mash tun only to realize I hadn't shut the valve :) Drank a beer to compensate :)
2. The seal on my mash tun broke slightly, so it was dripping for the whole hour (lost about a quart of first runnings). Drank another beer to compensate :D
3. Decided to add an extra gallon to my typical 3 gallon sparge water due to the lost wort...not that big of a deal. BUT...drank another beer anyways :mug:
4. Forgot to ad the dextrose (sugar) to my boil; a fact I realized after I took my OG reading and I was 0.02 off...had a beer to compensate :cross: then added sugar to fermenter, which is something I wouldn't normally do, but I was like 5 or 6 beers deep. :drunk:

Still a good brew night!

Brooklyn-Brewtality 02-13-2010 04:14 PM

not that bad, really, considering all the drinking!

i have had much worse. last time i brewed i forgot to put the false bottom in my mash tun... now that's a mistake!

Laughing_Gnome_Invisible 02-13-2010 04:16 PM

Haha! Congrats on your mishaps! :D

During one of my first AG brewdays I had a hose come off my march pump. I had 154 degree wort shooting up to the garage ceiling, then all over me! After the panic was over and I fixed the problem I found that it actually gave me a feeling of satisfaction that I was getting down and dirty with my brew. I LOVE this game! :)

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