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Sbeltz 09-23-2012 07:51 AM

CO2 issues
I just spent half a day driving around looking for a place to fill up my CO2 tank with no luck. I tried gas stations, hobbie shops, fire departments, I even stopped by a bar to see if they used somewhere local. The language barrier is very difficult to overcome and I'm a little frustrated about it right now. I have a couple weeks to figure this out so I'm not out of luck yet but still didn't expect to have a hard time getting CO2. Any Ideas?

theveganbrewer 09-23-2012 07:56 AM

Not sure where you're from but try Airgas, local welding shops, fish stores. I usually use welding shops because they fill on site in my tank, but here on southern Portland, the company Airgas is most accessible and they do tank swaps.

Wulfman 09-23-2012 08:01 AM

I ran into this problem a while back when I ran out of gas to dispence.. but it was on a Sunday soo everyone was closed... I ended up drinking semi carbonated beer.. anyways. Welding shops, paintball gun shops, fire extinguisher shops, airgas and praxair are all places that have gas. If all else fails try posting an add on craigslist some ppl have tanks they can refill for u. Goodluck!

Rbeckett 09-23-2012 08:20 AM

Your local fire extinguisher service will have CO2 as well as any local welding supply. Paintball shops usual;y arent the cheapest way to go but are an option. I usually have two tanks and keep one filled as a spare just in case I run out on a weekend. I primarily weld so I have Argon, 75/25, CO2, O2 and acetyline on hand at all times. I used to lease my bottles but now I swap my own through the local tractor supply stores. I have to use a slightly smaller tank, but the convenience of just swapping on a Sunday cannot be beat. Hope you find some soon and that it isn't too expensive either.
Wheelchair Bob

Sbeltz 09-23-2012 09:14 AM

Thanks for all the idea... I left out a really big part of my problem. I'm currently stationed in south Korea. The next thing I will be looking for is a welding supplies shop. Wish me luck.

theveganbrewer 09-23-2012 07:28 PM

Have you been on the forums at homebrewkorea.com? I used to use them when I was in Korea. I was reading some Korean homebrewer post about trying to find CO2 and him trying the welding shops but getting non-food grade CO2. Not sure if that matters, to you or to anyone, but he said he eventually called a beer bar in Hongdae called Craftworks (I think) and asked them where they got their CO2 tanks. The place he fills in in Hapjeong, on line 2, near Hongdae.

His number is 02-334-3337. He doesn't speak English. You can try: "co2 실린더 다시 채우수있어요? " ---> co2 see-lin-duh-leul dah-she- chay-oo-soo-ee-suh-yo?

Then wait for a yes or no. Nay, an-yo respectively.

02-334-3337 가스제조,가스판매
서울 마포구 망원동 57-419새주소

Map http://map.daum.net/?pos=479623|1126463&name=%B4%EB%BF%F8%BB%EA%BC%D2& TC=Y&q=%B4%EB%BF%F8%BB%EA%BC%D2&srcid=10230561

They have a branch in Bucheon as well. Not sure where in Korea you are stationed. But there are probably branches nearby any base. The number above will have more information. Also try Joongang Keg in the Joongang Market area. 중앙시장. – 중앙케그 (Joongang Keg), (02)-2238-8339/011-216-9536. They sell kegs and Co2 tanks. Can probably help you too. The market is the industrial mess of a market area just north of Sindang Station (line 2, central Seoul). It's about a 2 minute walk from exit 2. Looks like the place is called 중앙산업가스

If you're in Daejeon--https://www.facebook.com/groups/112599575486895/permalink/308205619259622/

Hoang - Local gas company in Daejeon for CO2 refills. They're friendly folks and will refill a 5lb. tank for about 5,000won. Google Map

Kimberly - Do they sell tanks, too?

Hoang - they don't sell tanks, but you can order a co2 tank & regulator set from these guys: http://www.fda.co.kr/new_daesan/new_daesan.htm

대산 코포레이션 - 콜라기계, 주스기계, 슬러시기, 제빙기, 커피머신, 정수기, 필터, 산소수기, 탄산수기, 맥주기계, 행사용 기계 렌탈, 대여 www.fda.co.kr

Hoang - The owners name is 이완응. Their bank account is KEB 278-18-099806

Kimberly - Look like they sell kegs, too

theveganbrewer 09-23-2012 07:31 PM

Some more intel:


I was able to get a bottle, 20#, from the beer distributor next to the Osan AB back gate. The deposit was around 90,000 won but for refills I can just exchange to bottle. I figure I can go from empty to full in less then an hour. As long as it fits into the fridge no problem. They said they could refill my 5# but that would take a few days. If you don't speak Korean you may want a translator with you.

Yeah, all of us have Korean CO2 tanks. Those of us that have US regulators had to get the nut swapped out. +1 for WilliamsBrewing. Welcome to the site, we have a meetup in Itaewon next weekend. If you have time we should have 15 kegs of beer that we are giving away to bring awareness to craft beer/home brew.

Sbeltz 09-24-2012 06:30 AM

Wow thanks for the information. I am stationed down in Daegu but Im going to try and ask the little bars right outside of the gate tonight. I will also forward this information to the katusa I work with and have him call them. I wish I could make it to the meet up but at this time thats not possible.

Sbeltz 09-24-2012 10:14 AM

I finally found a place that I can get co2 from. It's right outside of camp George in Dague. If you are heading toward the gate for camp George there is a little market store on your right hand side named the olive. Right before the olive there is a ally you turn right into and the gas store is on the left hand side about a 1/8th mile to 1/4 mile down. He did charge me 20,000 won though which is about 18 dollars. I think that I got ripped off in that area but after driving for the last two day to all the little bars and lpg stations I was happy to give the man 20,000. I went so far as too flag down a Cass delivery truck and ask him where I can get a CO2 refill for my keg. He pointed me towards a scuba diving shop. So I will be stopping by there tomorrow to see if they fill CO2 tanks and how much they charge. If anyone is in the Daegu area and is having trouble finding this place or knows where a better place is let me know and I will meet up with you and show you where it is.

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