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ChiN8 08-04-2010 03:59 AM

Cigars with your Home Brew?
I don't know bout anyone else... but I ALWAYS enjoy a fine cigar with my home brew, chilling up on my porch and just enjoying life! So then I got this BRILLIANT idea in my head, "Why don't you grow/dry your own tabacco leaves and roll your own Cigars." The idea almost excited me more than my initial batch of beer did!

So I started to research this amazing idea of mine. Growing Tabacco (at least in my home of North Carolina) is legal, I found where to get seeds for the plants, and I researched a curing box to dry the leaves in preparation. and it seems everything would be fairly cheap and could be quite interesting.

Has anyone ever done anything like this?
or added another hobby to their home brewing to take it a step further?

jppostKW 08-04-2010 04:27 AM

im smoking a Argenese Connecticut churchill as we speak no homebrew tonight though but i have a glass of colorado made whiskey that i helped make sitting next to me. I looked into growing my own tobacco as well but the climate isn't ideal by anymeans. i think once you enjoy making something its just natural to take it a step further and make as many things as you can. like cheese making and I will bet that there are quite a few really good cooks on this forum too


Jesse77 08-04-2010 04:44 AM

It sounds great but not as easy as you think. Cigars are made up of blends that are in the filler. Then a binder and a wrapper. The wrapper is always a very fine leaf and they are aged in certain conditions. It is not easy to to roll a perfect stick either. You could look into a family farm and have your own cigars made. But this wont come cheap either. I think for a minimum order is probably between 5 to 10 grand. You can go to Nicaragua or the DR and visit tobacco farms and look at different leafs and blend your own and select a wrapper. Would be cool :) You would be amazed that Connecticut actually grows great wrapper leafs that are used for fine cigars.

But hey if you can give it a shot who knows maybe. Good luck.

Brewdouche-RuBrew 08-04-2010 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by ChiN8 (Post 2197683)
Has anyone ever done anything like this?
or added another hobby to their home brewing to take it a step further?

Yes do it. Its like HB. Doing it is easy. Doing it well can be 90% of the fun. Growing tobacco (Nicotiana) is easy. Then comes the work. Drying, Curing, aging, rolling, soil adjustments. Tried once, then decided to grow hopes, and continue letting Thompson Cigar send me the fine sticks to smoke with my ever improving brew.

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