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squigley 12-29-2012 04:05 PM

Christmas Stout possible fermentation issues
I am currently brewing a Christmas Milk Stout (extract), which seems to be stuck at a higher SG than I'd like. The recipe does include 1 lb lactose sugar, so I figure that is bumping up the SG somewhat, since it's not fermentable...but my SG still seems way too high. Here are the stats:

Brewed on: 12/17
OG: 1.075
SG: 1.030 (measured on 12/26) Fermentation was fast and vigorous, with little to no observable activity in the last few days.
Yeast:WLP 085 Classic English Ale Blend. I made a starter 24 hours prior to brewing because of the high OG.

Perhaps it's still fermenting, or perhaps it's stuck (didn't pitch enough yeast?), or perhaps it's done and that's fine. What are your thoughts?

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