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Matt Foley 08-08-2007 02:44 AM

Brew on premises?
Has anyone ever used a Brew On Premises establishment? I was aware of one in Montana a while back that did not make a go of it. It seems like it could be a pretty cool business if it had kind of a hang out atmosphere. Just wondering if anyone has been successful with this business model.

FlyGuy 08-08-2007 02:49 AM

I did my first brews at a BOP store, which eventually got me into homebrewing. Actually, it was great. They kept a great stock of ingredients, and charged by the recipe (theirs or your own). As a customer, I was responsible for steeping and the boil and bottling -- that's it. The store did the cooling, ferementing, racking, and cold filtering. It was pretty awesome, and the beer was great.

The store was cool, too -- it was an old heritage building that had been restored into a brewery. The staff were pretty cool, too, which is why I eventually quit. Too bad because I think they had the potential to do a really decent business.

bradsul 08-08-2007 03:37 AM

My primary LHBS is actually a BOP wine/beer shop. They have 6 or 8 of those great steam kettles. I don't actually do BOP there but I do enjoy hanging out and talking shop with the head brewer while he measures out my ingredients.

I've been in there talking to other customers as they do all grain or extract brewing and they all seem to love it. From what I've gathered what they love most is not having to clean anything, personally I don't think it's worth all the extra money but I'm in brewing for a hobby as well as beer so I'm biased. :)

Matt Foley 08-08-2007 04:16 AM

The BOPs seem to be a little more popular in Canada. Anyone see one work in the States?

Beerrific 08-08-2007 04:19 AM

The owner of one of my LHBS say they are illegal in Georgia. I have a feeling that this might be the case in many states...old laws that once had a purpose that need to be re-thought. This LHBS does offer fridge space for lagering...for free.

Bobby_M 08-08-2007 02:16 PM

We have one here in NJ.

TheJadedDog 08-08-2007 02:49 PM

We used to have one in RI, went pretty strong for a while. I think the only reason it closed was that the owner moved due to his "real" job relocating him but I'm not sure.

CBBaron 08-08-2007 05:21 PM

I believe there are two in the greater Cleveland area. A coworker has done several batches at one of them. It is a bar, brewpub and BOP rolled into one and appears to be a good hang out place whether brewing or just going to the bar. Both BOPs have been in business a number of years but the one nearest to me just moved to the other side of town so I'm not sure of their current status.


arturo7 08-08-2007 05:34 PM

There is one here in Huntington Beach that has been in business for about 10 years. They also do bread. Unfortunately, they do not cater to the home brewer.

rdwj 08-08-2007 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by FlyGuy
The staff were pretty cool, too, which is why I eventually quit.

I don't get it. I'm sure that's a typo - right?

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