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Diaperload 01-25-2013 08:45 PM

biggest brew day for me this Sunday
This weekend my club is brewing up 78 gallons. The most we've done in 1 day up to this point has been 36 gallons.

We're going to divide up into shifts on our 1bbl system. We picked up an oak bourbon barrel and since it now sits empty we just HAVE to fill it. I signed up for the first shift. I figure by the end of the day I won't be of much use.

We'll brew 2 batched on the 1bbl system and we'll keep 5 gallons as a control. That takes care of the bourbon barrel. While I'm doing first shift I'm also going to brew up 11 gallons on my system. I'm doing a clone of this years Vertical Epic.

During second shift, someone is also going to brew up a 5 gallon batch of an IPA while he does the second bbl for the bourbon barrel.

Someone is going to smoke some chicken and I'll bring some mango salsa to go with that.

I'm already not looking forward to Monday.

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