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Beeratier 10-13-2006 05:04 PM

best stone micron size for pure oxygen?
Hey everyone,

I'm going to buy an oxygen regulator and a diffusion stone setup but I need to know which stone size is the best for doing the pure oxygen thing for the wort. Williams brewing sells a setup with a 2 micron and Northern Brewer sells one with a .5 micron.

Does it even matter? It it just longer time with the 2 micron? Thanks!

Pumbaa 10-13-2006 05:40 PM

IIRC the 2 micron stone is usually used for air pumps since fish tank air pumps aren't real strong UNLESS you start spending more $$ for the large pumps (a Whisper 10 is for a standard shape 10 gallon tank, a Whisper 20 is for a standard shape 20 gallon tank, etc). the .5 micron stone is for O2 bottles since the pressure you are dealing with is much higher (even after a regulator) then you'll get with a air pump.

disaffected 10-14-2006 12:53 AM

My home brew store guy recommended the 2 micron stone, as Pumbaa said, for fish tank blowers. He had this exact setup like the one from MoreBeer, so I bought it. Works great, and is easy to use.

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