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chris_944 05-28-2009 05:29 PM

Beer festival 2 x brews
Hi all,

I have been brewing (just kit beers) for a few years now using mainly Coopers kits, I have had a varied degree of sucessful brews from straight down the drain to the latest IPA which tasted as good as the one at my local.

My mate is having his 31st Birthday on the first weekend in August and is having a mini beer festival in his back garden (its more like a field!), I want to do a 40pint kit of good lager and a 40 pint kit of interesting real ale.

I am using brewing bins and then transfering into pressure barrels (king keg etc.) for the second stage which I will take along to the party a few days earlier to allow it all to settle.

I haven't a lot of time or space so with that in mind here is my question........

What 2 kits (that will be bang on finished for then) would you recommend and would you recommend addidng/using anything with the kit, I have heard of spray malt but have never used it, is it straight forward and worth doing??

Thanks for any advice (these questions have probably been asked 1000 times before!!


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