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Photopilot 05-13-2014 10:30 PM

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Finally got some photos and willing to share my trip to Chicago.

I was only supposed to be there one night. My coworker does not drink beer, actually turns out he does not like to leave the hotel, so I was on my own. I woke up from a nap around dinner time. It was very windy and starting to storm. I was tempted to take my coworker up on the executive lounge dinner in the hotel but figured I would rather see the city or at least drink some of its beers. I had already figured out how to get to Goose Island and I have been so impressed by the Bourbon County beers, so I headed out to the subway before I got trapped in the hotel by laziness.

I stopped at the Binnys first. I really did not see many bombers worth carrying back across country, all of the 3 Floyds were in 6-ers. So I went to Goose Island. The place was nearly empty. After talking to the bartender and hearing about the 5 oz tasters I decided to do a round of those to start. The bartender poured me two of them then told me something was wrong with one of the other kegs, but he'll get to it. I was hoping to sample the missing two first as they were the less body or hopped beers, but after quite a while I realized they weren't coming soon. When they all arrived they were of different pour sizes, nowhere near 5 oz though.

The servers did not seem to have any passion or true knowledge of beer. It seemed like it was just a job to them, they could be working in any restaurant. The food was not very impressive either.

I was pretty disappointed at my lost opportunity. Fortunately the trip got extended one day and I was able to meet a friend for pizza at Lou Manaltis, which renewed my faith in Chicago dinning. Before leaving the next day I visited the local wine shop next to the hotel and was recommended a selection of local beers which I brought home.

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