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Mpavlik22 07-12-2012 09:19 PM

Barleywine issues. Help!
So i made an AG barley wine on 12/17/2011. It was 1.103 OG & 1.020 FG coming in at 11.2% using WLP001. I mashed at 151F. So two days ago I was walking around in my basemen when i noticed a puddle under my barley wine case (I bottled a case off of the keg to age). One of the bottles had shattered. So i moved the case to the wash tub and cleaned up the mess on the floor. Yesterday two more bottles exploded in the case in the wash tub. So i carefully popped the caps to release pressure and re-cap on the remaining bottles, however there was hardly any pressure in the bottles.

I tried some and its very syrupy and thick, but tastes fine. Its way to sweet (i kno it'll be sweet due to the hops diminishing).

What happened to make them explode and to make it so syrupy? If it kept fermenting in the bottle wouldn't it dry out and get less sweet? There is definitely no infection or anything.

dougdecinces 07-12-2012 10:08 PM

Syrupy could just be the gravity itself. My first guess is you have an infection.

Sorry, man.

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