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maggator 10-04-2012 05:34 PM

Band Aid Plastic vegetal Smell
I brewed a pumpkin beer about a month ago. Mashed 4 cans of pumpkin. It fermented like crazy! Came home from work brew day + 1 and had a blow off.

Admitted mistakes

Didn't control temperature

The bottles smell like band aids. Tastes ok but smell is horrible

Will it improve over time in the bottle or should I dump it

stratslinger 10-04-2012 05:42 PM

Well, your description includes two things, one will definitely go away, the other, maybe not...

Pumpkin beers definitely benefit from a little extra aging to remove the vegetal taste and aroma. On my first one, I slightly rushed the keg into my kegerator, and for the first week or two on the keg there was a definite vegetal funk to the beer. I was pretty sure I had screwed something up. I didn't drink any of it for a few days, dejected, and then went and had another and it was great! So a little aging (probably just another 1-3 weeks) should knock out the vegetal component you're noticing.

The bandaids though... That very often comes from chlorine or chloramine in water, but it can also come from excessively high fermentation temperatures causing your yeast to throw fusel alcohols. In either case, you're kinda stuck with the bandaids, from what I understand (I've been fortunate enough to dodge that one thus far, so I can't speak from experience).

Maybe give it a couple weeks and see how things stand when the vegetal funk is gone - maybe you can deal with the bandaid smell on its own?

unionrdr 10-04-2012 06:53 PM

Extra time in the bottles can get rid of some fusels,but I think you went a bit far on ferment temps with this one. It may improve a little,but...

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