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davisfreeberg 03-21-2013 05:24 PM

Any Ideas For Making Vinegar?
Obviously Vinegar is dirt cheap to buy, but I enjoy making things at home and it seems like it would be pretty easy to make a ton in bulk and then use capped beer bottles to store servings of it. From what I understand about the white distilled vinegar is that I would need to basically make moonshine and then let it go bad using a mother colony from another batch of vinegar. Since the moonshining part is illegal, I wanted to find out if I could use something like everclear and then dilute it down to make the white vinegar in bulk? Does anyone know how much I'd need to dilute it to have success if I wanted to make 10 - 20 gallons worth? or is there a legal way to make the white vinegar without having to resort to distilling?

Since the white vinegar may be tricky, I'm also open to creating a malt vinegar. Seems like I could essentially brew up some beer to get to the malt and basically let it go bad with a mother colony to create the zing I'm looking for. Does anyone know how much water I would use to dilute a normal 5 gallon batch of homebrew in order to create malt vinegar. Since I don't want my beer going bad, I plan to store these in different location then I keep my fermenters, but should I also use different buckets or can the fermenters that I use for beer be sterilized in a way that I won't have spoiled beer once I'm done making vinegar at home. Any experience you've had would be beneficial. Seems like mot of the posts are how not to turn your beer into vinegar so at the minimum, understanding the process may help me avoid mistakes in the future.

Vman 03-21-2013 05:28 PM

I make it from my wine. I get 60 litres of juice every year, but my Demijohn is only 56 litres. So the remaining 4 litres goes into a tiny car boy that I leave uncapped. It ferments with lots of air. Then after 3-6 months I add a handful of white rice (I don't know why, but that's what Nonno and Dad do and it works well). Then after another month or two, I have around 4 litres of kick-ass wine vinegar that we use throughout the summer.

Revvy 03-21-2013 05:33 PM

My favorite other site is punkdomestics, which covers everything having to do with DIY food and drink making, it's an aggregate site for other diy sites. Here's the search results on their page for all things vinegar. Everything from infusing to fermenting your own.

davisfreeberg 03-22-2013 11:38 AM

Punk domestics looks like a pretty good resource. Thanks for sharing. I read through a couple of their recipes, but didn't see anything for white distilled vinegar. I know the commercial stuff is made out of a natural gas extract, but I'm guessing I can recreate the same look and taste by diluting some everclear down to about 7% alcohol and then letting it sour with a colony.

The part that I'm a little confused about is whether or not I'm supposed to dilute it a 2nd time when I get done with the souring process. On the blog posts it seems like they acknowledge that the commercial vinegars use only 5%, but most DIYers want to keep it concentrated. If the end goal is 10 gallons of vinegar, do I need to start with a 10 gallon mix or can I make 1 gallon of vinegar and then cut it to 10%?

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