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CircleC-Brewer 09-26-2008 04:08 AM

Any Austin area brewer - mentors?
Looking for some help with all-grain brewing. I have some experience with extract brewing, but now I want to go all grain. If possible I would like to watch someone go through the brewing process at least once before I take the plunge myself. I am willing to help set up, clean up the mess, or just stay out of the way. Rather than messing up my first and second batches figuring out what to do, I would like to watch a pro go through the process.

I am planning to join the Austin Zealots. However, it may be a while before I can attend a meeting since I travel a lot for work.

I would appreciate anyone in the Austin area who would be willing to share some brewing know-how.

Circle C Brewing
Austin, TX

DD2000GT 09-26-2008 12:57 PM

I am from Dallas, but I visited Austin Home Brew Supply last weekend while I was up with my wife for a conference. Those guys are really cool and very helpful with advice (I know I asked my share as I was new to mini-mashing). I am pretty sure they can point you to someone who can do a brewing session with you.

flyangler18 09-26-2008 12:59 PM

The Granddaddy of them all- EdWort! :rockin:

KopyKat 09-26-2008 02:53 PM

You will find many willing mentors in Austin. I would be happy for you to come over on my next session. Since you have a handle of "Circle C" I would guess you are south Austin. You might post on the Zealots Forum as well.

BTW, I am a converted batch sparger and I make great beer. I did start out fly sparging but it is a PITA compared to batch sparging and I typically get 80% efficiency. I brew 5 gallon batches with a simple setup.

Brewing Clamper 09-26-2008 03:03 PM

Paging Mr. EdWort, Mr. Edwort please, anyone? anyone?

Saccharomyces 09-27-2008 03:37 AM

I'm in Pflugerville. You are welcome to drop by next time I brew. Will probably be in a week or two, I will be doing my Celis White clone first attempt, which is a multi-step mash. I'll send a PM when I have the day nailed down.

I missed the last Zealots meeting, my 9-9-9 barleywine brew day ended up taking longer than I thought. I was bummed. It is always a blast.

CircleC-Brewer 09-28-2008 01:19 AM

Thanks for the invite Saccharomyces. Looking forward to it. I will bring some beer for the event. I picked up a six pack from a local microbrewery in Ogden, Utah.


Circle C Brewer

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