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nickmv 08-18-2012 02:02 AM

Adding habaneros to wheat ale
So I'm brewing 5 gals of wheat ale, and figured I'd split about 1.5gals off to "dry-pepper" with some habaneros.

I'm looking for something that's not insane, but also provides a slight burn when swallowing each sip. That's my ideal amount in a beer.

Anyone got any ideas for amount to pitch into the keg? I figure I should cut them up finely and soak in 3-4oz of vodka.

Rip 08-21-2012 08:31 PM

Habaneros (any peppers really) can vary quite a lot between different harvests and various growers/locations, etc. When you combine the variability of the pepper's heat with your personal preference and tolerance, it's really hard to say how much to use exactly.

Maybe try making your tincture with ~4oz vodka and 2-4 orange habaneros, let it sit for at least a week (personal experience). Then slowly add the 'pepper-extract' to your 1.5gals before you carb it up?

I've made habanero vodka and serrano vodka in the past, was great in mixed drinks... Now I'd like to make a pepper-beer just for fun but it's down the list a ways.

Please share your experience if you do this :)

p.s. get some of those 'food service gloves' at the grocery store (smart n final, etc) - they will save you from the dreaded Hunan Hand.

- fellow pepper head

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