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RLinNH 09-07-2008 10:20 PM

From 76 Degrees Down to 66 Degrees, Your Opinion Please...
I Pitched a 10 Gallon Batch (was shooting for an 11 Gallon Batch but I boiled to hard) last night of my Left Over Brown Ale recipe. I am using US-05 that was in a 1 pint Starter for 2 days. I did this for each of the bags of Yeast. I knew whan I pitched that the basement was to warm, but I guess I forgot about the temperature rise from the Active Primary Fermentation. So, this morning I was at 76 degrees, with a shat load of activity in the Blow Off Jug in both Carboys. I tried, on 5 attempts, to do the almost freezing T-Shirt gig, to no avail. I did not drop any temps what so ever. So, I went drastic. I have a 150 quart cooler that I keep my Grains in in the basement. I took the grains out, filled the cooler with 46 degree Well Water, and I dunked both Carboys into the Cold Water. I went from 76 degrees to 66 degrees in a matter of 10 minutes. Questions are these...

1-Think I aquired any off flavors from the 18 hours of high temperature Primary fermentation?

2- How much stress did I put on the yeast by dropping the temp so severely in such a short amount of time? I still have a the same amount, if not more, Activity in my Blow off Jugs.

eddie 09-07-2008 10:37 PM

The yeast should have still been in their early reproductive phase so I think you dodged a bullet here. You'll probably end up with slightly more fusel alcohols then wanted but other than that it should be fine as long as you can keep the temps down for the rest of the primary. Dropping the temps like that shouldn't have hurt the yeast since they were already active and you're still within their range.

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