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Curtis2010 08-31-2012 01:59 PM

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My experiences with store bought milk have not been good for cheese & yogurt making. High temp pasteurization, even if technically not UHT, denatures proteins and emulsifiers are often added to assist with homogenization. Both of these work against in you in cheese making. I have also discovered that with some commercial milks they remove some or all of the milk fats and replace them with vegetable fats -- this of course wont work at all for cheese making -- the result is pretty gross.

I suggest two things. One, purchase a culture appropriate to the cheese you want to make. Two, find a local source of good milk -- after all if you don't start with good ingredients the result is not going to be good.

I get mine straight from the cow so I know it is all natural. Of course, in the USA the ATF may come raid your home if you do this, but it is the ideal source for making cheese. Surely being in Wisconsin there must be a source for good milk -- like a local dairy?

Get some good milk and you will be absolutely amazed at the difference in working with it. I tried several batches with store bought stuff and had results similar to yours. The first batch I made with real milk was like an epiphany -- oh, so that's what a clean break is supposed to look like! And, with real milk you don't need to add a bunch of junk to try and make it work. These additives are just compensating for poor quality (over processed) milk.

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