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HenryHill 06-03-2009 04:51 PM

After A Long Wait, I'm In
Spring for a Grandpa is an expensive and time consuming period of time. Pool, yard, and hops garden/veggie garden have been putting a crimp on expansion of OCD interests. But I'll be cheesin' in no time.

I just ordered about $100 of ingredients and equipment; separates, not a kit.

I will be jumping to hard cheeses at almost the same time I start a first mozz; just to get some logistics of technique down. My main aim is hard cheeses, so I ordered (12) 5 packs of meso culture, butter muslin, a fairly large mold, animal rennet, lipase, calcium chloride and wax.

I have to rely on store bought milk as my search for a close raw-milk source have yielded nothing within 30 miles. So for the time being, I have to utilize store milk, however it is below $2 now.

I will be posting on the success I have with MI's store milk varieties.

Evets 06-04-2009 10:43 AM

Good luck. I'm still needing to build a press for hard cheese, but I do have everything else. The Mozz. turns out good every time, but I have easy access to raw milk at a good price. I hope the store milk works for you.

HenryHill 06-06-2009 03:19 PM

The supplies are in. I'm going to try to do a mozz today or tomorrow.

Press is next on my list, since the hops trellis and garden are done now.

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