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Grinder12000 11-08-2008 02:05 PM

WOW - just took my mash PH for the 1st time
above 6.2 on my test strip - looks like I'll have to fix that my next brew.. . . somehow.

The Pol 11-08-2008 02:08 PM

BUFFER 5.2, I use it all the time, enjoy.

Primary- Circle City Haus Ale
Secondary- Orange Cascade APA (dry hop)
Keg1- Centennial Blonde (On tap)
Keg2- Oktoberfest (On tap)
Keg3- Christmas Spice
Keg4- Fire In The Hole
Keg5- AIR
Keg6- AIR
Keg7- AIR
Keg8- AIR

Grinder12000 11-08-2008 02:10 PM

I'm not sure a person can actually "enjoy" BUFFER 5.2. LOL

Dr_Deathweed 11-08-2008 02:21 PM

+1 on 5.2. It, along with altering my water profile have made a vast improvement in my beers.

Brew-boy 11-08-2008 02:38 PM

Learn to get your Residual Alkalinity in order and you wont need 5.2. I used to use it but after using John Palmer spreed sheet I hit 5.3-5.4 each time in my mash. I have an almost new container of 5.2 someone can have if they pay the shipping.

Grinder12000 11-08-2008 10:15 PM

And how do I get my Residual Alkalinity in order??? I can't get any chemical analyze on my water from the water people. I can only get what much BAD crap is NO in the water but nothing on what makes up the water.

WBC 11-09-2008 06:09 AM

I want to try this myself so I can create the ideal water for any mash.

I found this PDF: http://www.jimsbeerkit.co.uk/water/alkalinity.pdf

And this: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Understanding_Mash_pH#pH_meter

Rooting 11-09-2008 05:05 PM

Might be able to help.

Wis DnR holds all public water info in a database, a little hunting with give you your specs.


Put in Columbus , Municipal community

Click on Columbus

From there scroll down to
Other (non-bacteriological) Samples (263 Rows)

Click that

Scroll to the most recently dated Inorganics file with a good number of results (your case 26) click on that,

There you go, all you need.

Note: it looks like you have two sources 200 & 4, so you might want to avg them if you only have one town storage tank. Or not

Hope that helps


Grinder12000 11-15-2008 02:03 PM

So it looks like

Ca = 11
Ma = 7.4
Alkalinity = 300???? yikes THAT'S CRAZY!!!!!

Coastarine 11-15-2008 02:18 PM

I sent my water away for analysis and did all the minerals to get everything just right for ONE brew, then I went back to 5.2. I use 5.2 in the mash then add other minerals to the boil to make sure the flavor comes out right. This way I can mess with levels of things like Na, SO4, and Cl, etc without worrying about how it is going to affect the mash Ph. To me that's the easy and effective way.

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