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Bsquared 12-02-2012 07:10 PM

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the white labs blog had a post about this in July, I emailed her my results from my Belgian ale experiment several years ago where I split the batch (12gallon) 7 ways, one 6 gallon carboy that got O2 and a starter made on the stir plate and 6 one gallon jugs, one got O2, one had no aeration and three got a drop of olive oil, all batches where pitched with 1^6 cells/ml/º Plato. I did not see a big difference between the six one gallons over all, but the OO batches all finished about a day quicker than all the other batches. One note was all the One gallon brews tasted the same but the 6gallon batch had a better ester profile. This was most likely due to fermenter geometry and not the addition of olive oil
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I think Neve from White labs makes a good point that OO used on fresh liquid yeast cultures might not be the best way to test this, where the benefit might not be as noticeable on healthy yeast from the lab, but would be more beneficial one later generations of yeast from the brewhouse.

I think what will be more interesting to see, and a new trial will be done, is how these methods affect later generations – second and third generation fermentations. I think we’ll see more variation. So for the next one, I’ll do several brews.

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