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snyklez 07-26-2012 05:42 PM

Taking a Hydro sample
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I've got a pale ale in the primary (first brew) and plan on bottling this Saturday, two weeks after brew day. I want to be sure fermentation is done, so I'd like to take a sample for my hydrometer today and one Saturday to check for changes. It's in a glass carboy. I have an auto siphon, no thief. What is the best way to get at the beer to take a sample? I didn't think siphoning would be a good choice, just because I didn't want to use that tool for such a small task. Maybe I could take the auto siphon apart and use the outer chamber as a thief? I'm not sure if that's even possible.

Also, if I can figure this app out, I'll include a picture just for fun. I racked to a 5gal glass carboy (I know that's not the best vessel for a full batch) so I could see my first batch fermenting. You'll notice the level is somewhat low, I attribute that to the amount I lost in the vigorous fermentation. I had a tube attached for the first few days and then switched to the airlock. The color has darkened nicely too.

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