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au1991rx 08-20-2008 01:37 AM

"Steam" beer question
Long story... Purchased a "California Common" style beer from AHS and followed the directions. I noticed it was a San Fan Lager yeast and thought it was cool since all beer I had made had been made with ale yeast. Well, 10 days later it is still bubbling (slowly). I got to thinking about temperature for the lager yeasts and tonight I go to the White Labs website and find my yeast (WLP810) and notice the optimum temp is 58-65F. Unfortunately it has been sitting in a basement with the thermostat set at 73F. I have been putting a wet towel around the bucket about every 2 days under a ceiling fan. I am afraid because of my inexperience my batch may have a bad flavor because of the high temp. The instructions did not say anything about the temp the primary should be at.. I should have checked sooner. I am looking for opinions about this yeast .. Will it have an off taste like wheat beers when they get too hot (been there before - I don't like banana)? I put the bucket in ice water tonight with a wet towel over it but it may be too late. Thanks.

kaptain_karma 08-20-2008 02:02 AM

RDWHAHB... The characteristic flavor of California Common is created in part by fermenting with lager yeast above the "optimum" fermentation temp. I ferment my Cali Common in the high sixties, secondary and bottle as normal (one week primary, two weeks secondary, three weeks bottle conditioning), then cold age in the bottles for a couple weeks, and it turns out pretty clean and smooth.

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