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cweston 02-05-2007 01:06 PM

siphoning with carboy cap: tip
For a reasonably smart guy, I can be a real moron sometimes.

Last night I was siphoning with a carboy cap (w/ racking cane shoved through).

I have an autosiphon, but I really like this method because it holds the racking cane steady, so I am free to do other things (like sanitize bottles) wihout worrying about the autosiphon sliding to the bottom of the carboy and sucking up a bunch of trub.

Anyway, I kept losing my siphon after getting it started by forcing air (through a sanitary filter) into the carboy.

Duh: I was putting the little cap back on the smaller opening of the carboy cap (where the air had been forced), which was causing a vacuum in the carboy as the liquid siphoned out and no air could get in to replace it.

My advice: don't do that.

Brewing Clamper 02-05-2007 01:50 PM

LOL! I totally did that the first time I siphoned with a carboy cap. I was racking my brain (no pun) trying to figure out what was wrong. The SWMBO walked by, gave me a look and pulled the plug off. I felt like such a tard! It's always worse when the SWMBO is the one to correct you.

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