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Chipper 05-22-2011 03:41 PM

Seeking advice on fixing barelywine brewed yesterday
I used the northernbrewer extract kit, made a few tweaks, but in the end I failed to account for the volume added with the late add of extract.

Basically the recipe is 3 pounds of amber extract with some hops at 60, then 9 pounds and more hops at 15 minutes.

Based on my OG, it looks like I have 1 gallon extra of water in the batch. Normally, I wouldn't mind letting it run it's course, but I'm supposed to let this sit in my secondary for 5 months. ugh...

I was thinking of buying 2.5 lbs amber extract at my LHBS in two days, along with the same hops added at 15 minutes, then boil this up for 15 minutes and add it to the primary.

Will this work? Suggestions?

turtle 05-22-2011 03:46 PM

I would definitely supplement that with some more malt and probably more hops like you're thinking.

As long as you used some sort of calculation based on the recipe to come up with those supplement amounts, you should be fine, just cook it up, let it cool, and rack it on top.

ksbrain 05-23-2011 01:25 AM

I recommend to leave it alone. What was your target OG and actual OG? If it's so much weaker just age it less in the carboy. I have never "fixed" a "broken" beer by messing with it. In my experience either it will turn out fine or it's a lost cause. I think in your case it will be fine. You didn't really mess up, just missed the mark a little.

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