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JimiGibbs 10-20-2006 12:31 PM

Porter Conditioning
I'm getting ready to bottle my first porter after 10 days in the primary and 2 weeks in the secondary. Does a porter need longer to bottle condition? I ususally wait 3 weeks before I even think about trying one. I think I have read somewhere that porters need longer ....

2nd Street Brewery 10-20-2006 12:47 PM

The longer you wait the better they will have melded all the flavors. I bottled my porter July 30th and didn't crack the first one until well after Labor day. I still have over a case left as I am only drinking a bottle here and there to see how it is progressing. I'm planning on drinking the majority of it for Thanksgiving.:mug:

Evan! 10-20-2006 01:13 PM

Was it a robust or a brown porter? What was the OG? What was the FG? Did the recipe have any special adjuncts? What was your grain & hop bill like? These are things that we need to know, because surely, an "Imperial" robust porter with 80 IBU's is an entirely different beer than a 1.045 Brown porter with 35 IBU's. You have the recipe handy?

JimiGibbs 10-20-2006 02:30 PM

It was Palmer's Port O'Palmer Porter ... Extract with some grains. I didn't take hydrometer readings but according to the recipe it's OG 1.048 Total IBU's.

david_42 10-21-2006 12:31 AM

I've made that, took 8 weeks total to settle in. It was a little harsh at 6 weeks.

JimiGibbs 10-21-2006 01:08 AM

8 Weeks. Man .... It's gonna be hard to wait!

david_42 10-21-2006 01:32 AM

That's 8 weeks from brewsday, not bottling.

JimiGibbs 10-21-2006 02:02 AM

Ahh ... Thanks for clearing that up. Much Better.

boo boo 10-21-2006 04:43 PM

I was tasting some of my bottled brews and the porter that I bottled in April
is starting to taste perfect. It might not see christmas after all. It was harsh
when I bottled it. i must say that I'm not a fan of black malt. Black malt reminds me of tasting ashes.

natefrog255 08-12-2012 10:15 PM

Here was my recipe. Tasted for 1st time today, 8 weeks from brew day, and was pretty good. I was hoping it would be a little more smooth but it could be the IBU at 26 and/or the Black Malt. I am going to leave my remaining 2 cases until fall I think.

My recipe (critique if like):

East River Scum [Brown Porter]
Pilsen LME 6.6# (3.3# added at 50 min)
Steeped: Caramel 60 0.5#, Chocolate 0.5#, Black Malt
Chinook Hops 0.75 oz. - 60 mins
Glacier 1.00 oz. -2 mins
Wyeast London 1028 Liquid Yeast (added pack of Coopers dry yeast)

OG - 1.041
FG - 1.011
ABV 3.94% (too low per BJCP - my OG didn't hit expectations)
IBU 26
SRM 27-28
Brew Day: 6-17
Bottle: 7-4-12

Opened 2 bottles on 8-4 and both gushed completely out. I feared gusher infection but also didn't fridge either bottle long. Refridgatered 1 bottle for 1 week, no foam/gushing at all. Porter was pretty good, a little bit of a bitter bite at first. But after a few sips it wasn't too bad. I think was hoping for a little smoother taste, but maybe more time is the key...or add like vanilla beans next time.

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