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KyleWolf 07-07-2010 06:40 PM

Oak chips and cubes, fermentation vs aging.
Hey everyone,

So I wanted to oak a stock ale I am going to be brewing so I downloaded the Brew Strong Oak Aging and after listening I have a question of two.

So I am planning on using light toasted american chips straight into primary during fermentation and then tossing in some bulgarian medium toasted cubes into the keg. I am thinking 1/2 oz of each.

I just want a nice light oak presence but yet desire the deeper complex flavor without overpowering. Now my question is, are the oak cubes I am putting in the keg going to act differently under heavy carbonation compared to say if they were left in a secondary for weeks on end?

Also, with only 1/2 oz, do you think I could leave them in for an extended period of time without the hard astringent tannins? Or should I just plan to pull em out after say 4wks at most? (If the beer lasts that long)

As always, thanks in advance.

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