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doghausdev 09-23-2005 04:20 PM

No bubbles in secondary?
I transferred my first batch of beer from Primary to Secondary on Wednesday. The SG was 1.020 at the time of the move. Since I moved it, though, I haven't seen any bubbles at all in the airlock - is this normal?

I would relax and just have a homebrew, but this is my first batch, so I've got to hurry up and get it ready so I can relax with one ;-)

Walker 09-23-2005 04:46 PM

Racking your beer off the trub will pretty much bring fermentation to a halt. (This is why it is suggested to leave the beer in the primary fermenter until fermentation is almost done and very little airlock activity is seen.)

I usually get a small amount of bubbling from my secondary after racking, but I think this is mostly due to the fact that transferring the beer knocks some of the dissolved CO2 in the beer loose and lets it escape. Also, racking can rouse the yeast and cause the yeast to do a little more work and ferment the brew a tiny bit more.

Relax. Have a nice imported ale. Your beer is probably fine.

Out of curiosity; How long was your beer in the primary before you racked it over?


edited to add: how closely have you been watching the airlock? When I say that I usually get a small amount of activity, I really mean SMALL. It might bubble once every 10 minutes or more, and this slows to a halt after 1 day. So, unless you sat there and watched it for a half hour after racking, you might have missed what little activity there actually was.

doghausdev 09-23-2005 04:49 PM

I had the beer in the primary for 6 days, and bubbling was very active for all but the last 2 days.

Will my SG continue to drop in the secondary even though I can't see bubbles?

Walker 09-23-2005 04:50 PM

read my above late-addition to the post. bubbles will be few and far between.

Your gravity will probably drop a few more points in the secondary, but there is no guarantee.

What was the recipe?

Walker 09-23-2005 04:54 PM

nevermind.. i found your recipe in your original first post here.

You used extract.... was it Belgian or English or???

doghausdev 09-23-2005 06:40 PM

I think the extract was Cooper's Amber.

Should I consider adding more yeast to the secondary? I happen to have a strong starter going for my next batch, so I have some to spare.

Walker 09-23-2005 06:44 PM

Coopers is Australian. The reason I asked is that that Laagland extract is higher in non-fermentable sugars than other extracts, so you will end up with a higher gravity beer at the end of fermentation.

Anyway, You can add more yeast if you want, but my view on it is this:

are you trying to brew beer with a specific alcohol content, or beer that tastes good?

I strive for the latter, and I rarely ever use my hydrometer at all.

If the beer tastes good, I have won the battle, even if some software program tells me I didn't get optimal fermentation.


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